About PCS

Property Consultants SocietyABOUT PCS

The Property Consultants Society is a non profit making organisation run for the benefit of our members and the public.

We aim within our resources to offer assistance to members to enable them to undertake their practice of property consultancy in a competent, legitimate and publicly acceptable way. Our Society Guidelines, which include our Code Of Conduct, outline the way the Society is run, the expected behaviour of members, and the results of non-compliance. A list of members and their contact details, plus a dedicated forumĀ is available to members only.

Our organisation, The Society, has a head office where all the administrative support for the Society is conducted. This is the first point of contact for any queries. Our contact details can be found on this site. This office deals with:

  • processing membership applications
  • elections
  • maintaining membership subscriptions
  • maintaining a database of details for each member (backed up by paper files)
  • dealing with enquiries from Society members
  • addressing queries and complaints from members of the public

Our directors meet to discuss key issues and make decisions appropriate to the current and future running of the Society. Members are able to attend our AGM. The directors report is available to members only upon request. The Company secretary, David May, can be contacted by email at may-david@btconnect.com.